Thursday, December 9, 2010

NBA Top Spin Charity Ping Pong Benefit

Li Jing with former NBA player Kevin Millis!

I think Kevin Millis is 7 ft tall!

Thanks for the pic, Li!

Fun Night Volunteering with Li! Thanks :)

Yesterday night, my talented and lovely friend Li Jing invited me to volunteer with her at the NBA's Top Spin Charity Ping Pong Tournament to benefit children's education in New York and around the world. The event, which was organized by Elizabeth Frank, President of Eye5 Mktg & Talent Inc., was held at 82 Mercer, an immense and chic space in Soho. Set up in 3 separate rooms, there were hundreds of people participating (lots of men in suits showing off their ping pong prowess)! There was also a silent auction selling off sports memorabilia to raise money. I'll admit I don't know much about sports (yes, I know, shameful). The few athletes that I know about include Tom Brady (only because he's married to Gisele) and LeBron James (my little brother's a fan) - so I snapped a pic of the signed Lebron Jersey (valued at $1300, going for a minimum of $300.

We also met the very sweet, and really, really tall former NBA player Kevin Willlis who has played for Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks, and also has his own clothing line! There was an area where you could play the DefJam Rapstar game. I wasn't brave enough, but I got to see Li Jing rap "Stronger" by Kanye West, which was a unique sight :) It was a really fun event! I don't know if you'll be lucky enough to see Li rap, but you can check out her video entry on Paradise Hunter. She's a semi-finalist (top 2 in the world), and needs our help to get to #1, so please vote!!

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